The Dufour-Lapointe Sisters

DufourLapointe.jpgOutstanding acrobatic skiers and worldwide Olympic idols, Maxime, Chloé and Justine Dufour-Lapointe are known for hitting the slopes with unstoppable dedication. Their ultimate goal? The Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang in 2018.

Considering how the three of them recently swept the podium at the World Cup in Val Saint-Côme in addition to exceptional performances around the globe, it’s safe to say they’re onto an extremely successful path to leave their mark in sport history! In addition to their training, the trio also has a profound love for... fashion! Just by looking at the three women when they are off the slopes, it’s clear that they are as comfortable in their skis as they are with their style. Although the Dufour-Lapointe sisters share many common interests –their thousands of loyal fans across the world will certainly agree on that –each one of them still has her very own personality.

Justine may be the youngest one of the family, but she moves mountains (and alot of snow) with an indefatigable fervor. Throughout the past years, she’s lined uphonors, her most famous one being her gold medal at the Sochi Olympic Games.This historical achievement made her the youngest Olympic freestyle skier to win firstplace. Totally in tune with her spontaneous personality, she expressed her excitementat the end of her very last slope by playing air guitar, a moment that will not beforgotten any time soon. That joie de vivre and unexpected spark is without a doubtthe skier’s trademark.

Chloé, the middle one, is the first in the family to have experienced the Olympicadventure in Vancouver back in 2010. Finishing 5th, she conquered theSochi Olympic Games like a champ and reached for a silver medal, thus joiningher little sister Justine on the podium. Her most recent achievement was the 2016Crystal Globe, which she won after a season highlighted with exceptional resultsproving, once again, her formidable talent.

For someone who started skiing just because her friend was doing it, Maxime hastransformed her then-hobby into a full-time career. The eldest of the three describesherself as determined and hard-working and you only have to look at her fourascensions on the podium during World Cups to believe her every word.Her schedule is a matter of balance – she splits it between her passion for skiingand her love for horseback riding, surfing and the arts. The common denominator?Excellence. She often teams up with her sisters to encourage girls to get movingthrough different initiatives. By focusing on constantly improving herself, Maxime sets an example to follow.