Cody Green

CodyGreen.jpgCody’s ascent to business success was far from traditional. He took bass guitar in college and started selling cars to pay the bills and fund his passion for travel. At the age of twenty-four, while selling cars, Cody saw an opportunity to redefine how Canadians access vehicle financing and he had to jump on it.

Fast-forward seven years and his company, Canada Drives, has grown to over 300 people and is recognized as Canada’s Fastest Growing Company (Canadian Business Magazine / Profit 500).

Cody believes there is no right or wrong path for entrepreneurship and that time is his most valuable and scarce resource. He credits his success to knowing how to leverage his time to focus on high value items, which includes being selective with who and what he allows into both his personal and professional life.

When Cody’s not growing his company, he can be found running the Vancouver seawall, riding motorcycles, travelling and spending time with his wife and son.