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Watch Videos from the 2013 Speakers - "The Unconventional Solution"

Healing Pain: Heidi Thompson at TEDxKelowna
Heidi Thompson, author of Calm Focus Joy, presents a compelling argument why breath awareness -- a simple attention developing exercise - should rank #1 in children's education...

Urban Lumber: David Barmon 
David is fascinated with the physical world and all of the amazing information our modern society is about to forget. He believes our religion, culture, cities, food, clothing, smart phones, yeah, basically everything, comes down to understanding plants and rocks.

Passion & Risk: CJ Wilkins
Giving up a promising career in the Oil and Gas industry, C.J. has found success by taking passion-based risks.


Just Be Friends: Janice Taylor
If anyone has turned their life around, it's Janice. After growing up in difficult circumstances, she's turned her life experiences and education into a winning combo.

Earth Water: Kori Chillibeck & Matt Moreau
Matt and Kori started a social enterprise called Earth Water in 2005 and donate 100% of their net profits to the United Nations World Food Programme.

Play is the new PHD: Kelsey Ramsden
Kelsey Ramsden is Canada's Top Female Entrepreneur ranked by Profit and Chatelaine Magazines. In her work she balances venom and virtue, book and street smarts, while always holding that imagination is a power greater than knowledge.

How 33 people will educate every child on earth: Taylor Conroy
Taylor Conroy is the founder of http://www.changeheroes.com, a revolutionary friend funding platform where anyone can fund a school house with 33 friends. .